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It’s here at last! Game on Beef Australia 2015

Posted on April 30th, 2015

By Blair Angus, Chairman Beef Australia

Here we go, three long years of planning and building all comes down to a week of opportunity.

People from across the global beef supply chain are packing ports, printing business cards, preparing beef and polishing cattle, keen to be in Rockhampton for Beef 2015.

I have been continually humbled by the support and co-operation that so many people have provided to bring this grand event to fruition.  Our international registrations stand at almost 1000 delegates.

The great work from Austrade, Trade and Investment Queensland and Department of Agriculture has brought this about.

Beef 2015 for me has always been about delivering.

Delivering the best platform to present the Australian Beef industry to the world.

Delivering innovative and mouth watering beef meals cooked by chefs from around the world, delivering footage of the pride and culture of Australian beef producers back to huge http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/gastrointestinal/ audiences of foodies around the globe.

Delivering outcomes in research and development and delivering the conduit for producers and researchers to come together and build a plan for the future.

Delivering improved market access and new trade opportunities for Australian beef.

There are hundreds of sponsors who have not only provided financial support but who have got behind the platform and driven the outcomes.

Every one involved from staff to exhibitors to volunteers have truly given it their all to make Beef 2015 an event that will make a mark.

My own passion for beef as a product and for Australian beef production drove me to take on this role.  As we head into a week of celebration of the great things that this industry has achieved with the horizon alight with opportunity, I could not be prouder of being an Australian beef producer.