2 MAY - 8 MAY 2021



International registration and Handshakes EOIs have now closed. If you are an International visitor, you can now purchase an entry ticket online.

Beef Australia 2018 in collaboration with its principal partners, the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Queensland Government, Meat and Livestock Australia and the Rockhampton Regional Council welcomes International and Australian businesses to participate in the Beef Australia 2018 Expo Business Matching Program – Handshakes.

The Beef Australia Expo is Australia’s largest beef expo with over 90,000 visitors expected to attend. Handshakes provides the opportunity for International businesses to meet face-to-face with Australian enterprises across the beef supply chain with a view to establishing business relationships.

Who is eligible?

Companies across the Australian beef supply chain:

  • Currently or planning to conduct international business activities
  • Seeking an international investment

International Companies wishing to:

  • Learn about Australian Beef Supply chain
  • Seeking opportunities to trade with or invest into the Australian beef industr

Why should I come?

  • Participating in Handshakes will give you the opportunity to:
  • Learn about the industry and opportunities for trade and investment with it through attending the Handshakes seminars series
  • Identify possible new business opportunities, partners and investors to grow your business.

Benefits of participating in Handshakes:

  • The Handshakes Program offers participants the following complimentary benefits from participating in it:
  • Entry to the Qantaslink International lounge facilities, dedicated for networking and meeting with other Handshakes participants
  • Access to the Beef Expo for international participants
  • A Smartphone app for business matching with other participants and providing details of the Handshakes Program of events
  • Access to the Handshakes Seminar Series of seminars, supported by HSBC, on the Australian Beef Industry and Trade and Investment opportunities
  • Invitations to networking receptions following each of the Handshakes seminars and the International Welcome reception

In 2018, Handshakes will be targeted to offer participants best value for their involvement.  Interested parties from Australia are invited to complete this expression of interest.  International visitors please use this registration and expression of interest link.

Please note that participation in Handshakes is not automatic and interested participants will be reviewed for program suitability. Beef Australia’s aim is to ensure all program participants receive a valuable experience through the program.

Please download the Handshakes program below with a suggested timetable of seminars.

Handshakes Program