2 MAY - 8 MAY 2021



Beef Australia 2018 had an important role in raising awareness of the health and economic benefits of eating our world class Australian product. Competitions will be developed to recognise the best of the food industry and showcase the talent of local chefs, restaurant staff and business owners to the general public, as well as the international guests converging on Rockhampton.

Beef Australia 2018 – Central Queensland Awards of Excellence Competition

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2018 CQ Food Excellence Awards, for the full list of winners find the download below.

The Australian Beef Industry is unique in the world marketplace with its clean, green quality systems.   The Central Queensland Awards of Excellence competition will bring the restaurants and cafes of Central Queensland district to the forefront by demonstrating the flavor and versatility of the best meat in the world.

The competition offers each Venue the opportunity to showcase the talent and passion of local chefs, staff and business owners to represent Beef Australia 2018, as Award winners, a title they will hold for 3 years.

May 2018 gathered International guests, World class Chefs, Media, producers and lovers of Australian Beef to Rockhampton – which is the Ultimate opportunity for Establishments to show World why Rocky is the Beef Capital of Australia.

During the months of March and April 2018, the judges randomly dined at each competitor’s outlet and ordered the nominated beef dish.  Entries were judged according to the following categories and criteria.

Entry Class

  • A la Carte Café/ Restaurant,
  • Pubs and Clubs
  • Cafes/Takeaways 

There are four categories including:           

  1. Best Steak
  2. Best Beef Signature Dish
  3. Best Low and Slow Beef Dish
  4. Best Beef Pie/Burger


Beef Australia 2018 – Young Chef Ambassador Competition


Jack Wenham from NOLA in Adelaide, has been named Beef Australia’s 2018 winner of the Young Chef Ambassador Competition. 

Jack spent 3 days in Rockhampton attending Beef Australia to cook alongside some of the best chefs in Australia and the world (including his personal favourite – Iron Chef Sakai).  Jack’s restaurant NOLA in Adelaide also took away an incredible UNOX oven valued at $1700.00.


Terms and Conditions for the Young Chef Ambassador Competition


CQ Food Excellence Awards Results