2 MAY - 8 MAY 2021


Celebrity Chefs

Promoting Australian Beef to the World

Through their media programs, the celebrity chefs have taken Australian beef to audiences around the world, promoting both the product and Australia as a destination.  All of the Celebrity Chefs were cooking up a storm in the PwC Celebrity Chef Restaurant.

Each International Chef was paired with an Australian Chef to showcase how Tasty Cuts are incorporated into everyday meals as well as culinary masterpieces.

The Butcher’s Kitchen

Beef Australia 2018 introduced the Butchers Kitchen, a brand-new purpose-built marque also housing the demonstration kitchen. Our Celebrity Chefs will be working alongside the Butchers to show you the best way to use the different cuts of the carcase.

visitors were taken on a journey around the beef carcase while learning about the butcher’s trade and received an up close experience, learning about the variety of cuts that can be made that will bring new flavours to their kitchen.


The Butcher's Kitchen timetable, supported by MLA and AMIC


PwC Celebrity Chef Restaurant Timetable


2018 Chef Profiles

Beef Australia 2018 - Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone

In announcing his attendance at Beef Australia next year, Curtis Stone said, “the countdown is on for Beef Australia 2018 and I can’t wait to arrive in Rockhampton to celebrate Australian Beef – the greatest meat on earth.

“I’m really looking forward to showing thousands of people new and delicious ways to get cooking at home with beef, to create that great taste we all love. There’s going to be so much on offer to show what makes Australian Beef the best in the world!”

As a chef, restauranteur, author, media personality and businessman – Curtis has become a household name both in Australia and overseas.

Following 12 years of culinary training in Australia and Europe, eight of which were under renowned chef Marco Pierre White, Curtis opened his first solo restaurant, Maude, in Beverley Hills in 2014. Following the success of Maude, Curtis partnered with his brother Luke to open Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant in Hollywood in 2016.

Curtis is very familiar to Australian TV viewers through regular appearances on MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules. He has also hosted a number of top rating programs in the US.

A New York Times bestselling author with six cookbooks and a food columnist for the wildly popular O Magazine, the number one women’s lifestyle magazine in the U.S, Curtis also serves as CEO of Stone’s Food Inc., his culinary-focused consulting, content, and partnership company.


Beef Australia 2018 - Adrian Richardson

Adrian Richardson

Adrian Richardson – best known for his role’s in 2 leading television channels, Secret Meat Business on the lifestyle channel and Good Chef Bad Chef on Channel 10, will be dazzling diners in the PwC Celebrity Chef Restaurant.

“I am very excited to have been invited to Rockhampton for Beef Australia, and am looking forward to being surrounded by so many lovers of Australian beef. To be given the opportunity to cook & demonstrate using my favourite produce, Australian beef, for lovers of beef” Adrian says.

Australian chef and author, Adrian Richardson ages his own steak; makes his own sausages and salamis; and generally knows all there is to know about meat – how to choose it, cut it, cook it and eat it.

Adrian is owner and head chef at the successful and bustling La Luna in North Carlton where he has been serving up clean, fresh and innovative food since 1999.

Adrian inherited his passion for cooking from his Grandfather and has a simple philosophy with his food, which he calls “modern Mediterranean” – he believes in using the freshest ingredients and keeping it simple.

After the success of Beef Australia 2015 Celebrity Chef program and hearing from the other chefs how much fun they had cooking and eating “the greatest meat on earth – Australian Beef” Adrian made several phone calls to ensure he received an invitation to 2018. As a maestro on cooking Australian Beef, Adrian is fed up with “Tofu munching extremists”.

Beef Australia 2018 - Iron Chef Sakai

Iron Chef Sakai

Hiroyuki Sakai is a well-known Japanese Chef who specialises in French Cuisine.  Sakai is most famous for being the second, and last, Iron Chef on the popular television show, Iron Chef, first appearing at the beginning of 1994 and continued his appearance in shows over nine seasons.

Sakai has the third best winning percentage of the Irons Chefs.

Chef Sakai is a prize winner of the Tokyo Meister 2008, due to his remarkable contributions to the industry.


Beef Australia 2018 - Tarek Ibrahim

Tarek Ibrahim

Award winning and internationally renowned chef Tarek Ibrahim developed his passion and respect for food from a young age.  Recently acclaimed as a Master Chef by the World Association Chefs’ Societies, Tarek is also a Certified Executive Chef by the American Culinary Federation and Global Judge A class (WACS) and current star of Orbit TV show ‘Al Qaheralyoum’, Tarek has also starred in a number of Fatafeat TV shows ‘100 Lahma’, 100 Macaroni, Mashawy and ‘Min Misr’ from Egypt. Chef Tarek’s cooking is influenced and inspired by both eastern and western cultures.

With over 30 years experience both in the United States of America and the Middle East, Tarek has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of food.  Opening his first coffee shop and bakery in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1984 he followed his success by opening five more casual dining restaurants each with a different cuisine.

Following his commercial success, Tarek became a highly respected teacher in culinary art at the Arts Institutes International Minnesota from 1999 to 2005.

Winning several gold and silver medals in highly respected culinary competitions including Taste of Elegance (Central Region), twice named Chef Par Excellence and also holds the honour of being named the Primer Chef of America not once but twice by the American Dairy Association.

Tarek is currently working as Corporate Master Chef for Meat and Livestock Australia, providing training sessions to executive chefs and food service professionals on meat handling and cooking methods. Tarek is also one of two trainers to the Egyptian Olympics Team.
Tarek is married to Sharon and has two young children, he also holds a commercial pilots license.

Beef Australia 2018 - Matt Golinski

Matt Golinski

Matt Golinski is a highly regarded, professional chef with a passion for creating cuisine using fresh, seasonal and local ingredients.

Well known as one of the original team members of the popular ‘Ready Steady Cook’ television series, Matt has worked as executive chef at some of Queensland’s leading restaurants and founded his own catering company.

Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Matt now enjoys working as a consulting chef to restaurants, being a regular guest chef at festivals and events and writing his popular food columns and blog. He is also an active member of the Slow Food movement and a motivational speaker.

Since 2015 Matt has been helping the Gympie Region promote itself as a world-class food destination in his role as Food and Culinary Tourism Ambassador. He uses his knowledge of the area and it’s producers to showcase the region through cooking demonstrations and his blog “Matt Eats Gympie”.

He is also a keen runner and in Aug 2015 completed his first full-length marathon.

Beef Australia 2018 - Shane Bailey

Shane Bailey

Shane began his initial culinary career at quintessential Melbourne restaurant Donovan’s where he was sous chef for almost 10 years. He then travelled & worked in the UK before settling in Noosa in 2004.

Shane worked as Executive chef at both Berardo’s restaurants, Noosa Food & Wine Festival until 2013 which gave him the chance to work with some of the best Chefs from around the world.


Shane has also been a Judge for Delicious Magazine’s Produce Awards. He has worked in the media featuring on Channel 10s Yes Chef. Shane has been involved With the Capricorn Food and Wine festival since its conception.

Executive Chef of acclaimed Noosa Boathouse Shane believes that a good menu should change with the seasons and reflect the place in which it was created. Here he created relationships with more than 30 producers utilising the best ingredients in Queensland, Shanes style is Australian, with influences from Asia and Europe.

Shane enjoyed the role as celebrity chef coordinator for Beef Australia 2015 so much that he has returned and is thrilled to be working on this year’s Event.

“Beef Australia is such a Unique world class Event, lm proud that we have the best beef in the world and we get the chance to showcase that to our International Chefs and Guest, lm looking forward to working with all our producers, cooking and eating Australian Beef Tasty Cuts.

Beef Australia 2018 - Sam Burke

Sam Burke

Sam Burke, Corporate chef and foodservice business manager, Meat & Livestock Australia

Sam Burke is an executive chef, marketing and hospitality operations manager with more than 23 years industry experience working with premium beef.

Starting out as an apprentice chef Sam worked his way up the catering trade in butcher shops, corporate, leisure and sporting events including the Olympics and Rugby World Cup, before joining one of Australia’s largest commercial catering companies for 20 years.

Trading catering halls for beef and boardrooms, Sam took over the executive chef reins at Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) in 2014 and has since travelled across Australia and the globe promoting and celebrating the quality and diversity of premium Australian beef to the wider community.

Sam’s expertise in large scale catering environments has enabled him to educate beef users on plate costs, product development and extracting value from the whole carcase. This included working with McDonalds Japan on new sandwich concepts using Australian beef alongside their traditional burger offerings and enabling other quick service restaurants and retailers to present smaller primal cuts to suit the growing convenience trend.

Globally, Sam has cooked for thousands ranging from trade shows in Asia, wagyu experts in Japan, politicians, sports stars, musicians in Australia and most recently at the Queen’s Young Achievers annual celebration at the Australian High Commission in London.

Sam’s knowledge of red meat spans the entire supply chain, having worked closely alongside farmers, processors, food technology scientists, chefs, restaurant chains, retailers, CEOs and meat traders to understand and celebrate the attributes of beef to the global chef and foodservice community.

Beef Australia 2018 - Ben O’Donoghue

Ben O’Donoghue

Ben O’Donoghue is one of Australia’s original most loved celebrity chefs, enjoying more than two decades of success at the forefront of his professions as a chef, television presenter, author, columnist, brand ambassador.

Becoming a household name co-hosting ‘Surfing The Menu’ with fellow chef Curtis Stone, Ben has gone on to host ‘The Best In Australia’ and ‘Drive Thru Australia’, released four cook books (a fifth due for release in 2015), and wrote for Delicious Magazine for almost ten years.  Ben has hosted countless events and appearances nationally.

2014 saw the opening of Ben’s restaurant Billy Kart Kitchen in Brisbane.  Due to the great success of the restaurant a 2nd Billy Kart Kitchen is scheduled to open very soon.

For Ben cooking is a passion and a reflex. He believes food should be simple, distinctive and culturally correct.

He is the quintessential modern, boisterous Aussie Dad. The combination of his down to earth sense of humour with his high end culinary expertise and a passion for sharing what he knows about food, cooking and having a great time, has ensured he continues to be one of Australia’s most loved celebrity chefs.

Beef Australia 2018 - Dominique Rizzo

Dominique Rizzo

Dominique Rizzo is one of Queensland’s leading female chefs who creates purely delicious, healthy and real food recipes that inspire people to make a change for the better while still loving their food.

As a Chef, Author and Presenter Dominique’s aim is to inspire people to cook with fresh, seasonal and local produce.  Through her innovative recipes and a healthy attitude, her mission is to improve general wellbeing, build confidence in the kitchen, inspire creative cooking and bring vitality onto peoples plates.  “I am deeply passionate about creating innovative food using quality safe and clean fresh produce.  My heart lies naturally within the pages of Italian cuisine, while my inspiration takes you on a culinary journey of world food flavours”.

Dominique’s life and work centres around her philosophy; “through the sharing of food we share life and one is never lonely or hungry”.  Embracing 20 years’ experience as a chef and restaurateur, Dominique is able to share her abundant knowledge around Australia.  Through her public speaking, cooking classes, cooking presentations and demonstrations, recipe writing, food styling, radio and Television work, Dominique focuses not only on her true passion for Italian and Sicilian food culture but she also incorporates an emphasis on all cuisines celebrating Australia’s amazing melting pot of a multicultural kitchen.      .

Beef Australia 2018 - Chef Afit

Chef Afit

Chef Afit is the founder of Holycow!  Steakhouse by Chef Afit with 21 outlets in 7 cities in Indonesia that serves more than 2 million steaks per year.   “Australian beef is a very important part in my business.  Good quality Australian beef is the key of my restaurant success.  I am looking forward to coming to Beef Australia in Rockhampton to meet and cook with the producers”.


Beef Australia 2018 - Jess Pryles

Jess Pryles

'Hardcore Carnivore'

Jess Pryles is a full-fledged Hardcore Carnivore, a cook, author, & TV host.  Her expertise lies in all things red meat, having once been referred to as “The goddess of all things that have previously moo-d”.  

She creates dynamic original recipes with a Southern and Tex-Mex twist and is also a respected authority on low ’n’ slow smoked meats, particularly Texas style barbecue.  In addition to being a maven of all things meaty, Jess is a co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance and an occasional cleaver wielding cover girl.  Born and raised in Australia, she fell in love with Texas and now calls Austin home. 

Jess is a designer of Pitts & Spitts Texas BBQs and the creator of the internationally acclaimed line of Meat & Steak seasoning Rubs, Hardcore Carnivore and has authored a cookbook of the same name.  Her original recipes, meat articles and photography reach hundreds of thousands of fans each year and resonate with likeminded meat-fans around the Globe.  Jess cannot wait to attend Beef Australia in Rockhampton and will be demonstrating in an offset Smoker educating and encouraging folks to cook Beef like they mean it.  “Really looking forward to attending my first Beef Australia, but more so getting to showcase BBQ cooking methods from my new home of Texas in my birth home of Australia, using incredible quality Australian Beef, is a very special experience”.

Beef Australia 2018 - Jack Stein

Jack Stein

Jack was born in Cornwall and is the middle son of three boys. He began his career in the hospitality industry as a kitchen porter during school holidays in The Seafood Restaurant kitchen. At 16 he moved to front of house where he remained throughout his education. Jack completed a BSc in Psychology and an MA in Ancient History at Cardiff University.

Upon completing his masters in 2003, he then returned to The Seafood Restaurant as commis chef then after two years, took up the postion of sous chef at Rick Stein’s Café for another year.  Following this, Jack then went on to Paris to stage at La Régalade, which ignited a passion for travel and a period of stage work all over the world. During this time, Jack travelled to Australia for an extended stay at Tetsuya’s in Sydney, before exploring the Far East and Japan.

Upon his return to Padstow, he re-entered The Seafood Restaurant as sous chef before moving on to a tournant role across the whole company. He has recently been promoted to role of Chef Director, as well as opening his own cookery school, ‘Cook with Jack Stein’, allowing students to cook alongside Jack where they can engage with some of his latest recipes. He also returned to Australia, on the West Coast, to film ‘Jack Stein Downunder: Born to Cook’ where he explores the cuisine of the region, cooking up dishes with produce he discovers along the way. It airs on UKTV Good Food in August 2017.