6 MAY - 12 MAY 2018



The program and planning for Beef Australia 2018 will be driven by a number of volunteer committees, made up of producers and industry participants from around the country.

2018 Committees included:

Commercial Cattle Committee:

Georgie Connor – Coordinator  E: connorgeorgie@gmail.com  M:  0428347550

Mark Howard  – Chair

Megan Bradshaw

Denis Clair

Brett Coombe

Josh Heck

Julian Laver

Matthew Noakes

Stewart Wallace

Paul Wells

Morty Wilson

Bruce Young

Principal Partners Representatives:

Cindy McCartney – Queensland State Government

Carcase Committee:

Jackie Kyte – Coordinator  E:  Jackie@jackiekyte.com.au  M:  0409564729

David Hill – Chair

Dr Alex Ball

Robert Barnard

Michael  Crowley

Duncan Geddes

Noel Grant

Peter Howard

Mark Inglis

Janine Lau

Jessica Loughland

Ian McCamley

Susan McDonald

Principal Partners Representatives:

Mick Sullivan – Queensland State Government

Matt Brown – Queensland State Government

Susan Howe – Meat and Livestock Australia


Stud Cattle Committee:

Bonnie Geddes – Coordinator  E:  bonnie@beefaustralia.com.au  M:  0427058010

Russell Hughes – Chair

Anna Ahern

Richard Brosnan

Jason Childs

Brad Hanson

Tania Hartwig

Brett Kirk

John Weir

Principal Partners Representatives:

Cindy McCartney – Queensland State Government

International Committee:

Anne Cover – Coordinator  E:  anne@beefaustralia.com.au  M:  0417796639

Brendan Goulding – Chair

Richard Brosnan

Denis Cox

Principal Partners Representatives:

Luisa Rust – Federal Government

Sam Guedourard – Federal Government

Rowan Alden – Federal Government

Lew Markey – Queensland State Government

Glen Nunn – Queensland State Government

Samantha Jamieson – Meat and Livestock Australia

Young Beamish – Rockhampton Regional Council

Symposium and Seminars Committee:

Fiona Parsons – Coordinator  E:  fiona@beefaustralia.com.au  M:  0421550537

Bryce Camm – Chair

Sarah Becker

Adam Coffey

Glenn Russell

Allison McKay

Jennifer Wainwright

Jess Webb

Principal Partners Representatives:

Susan Howe – Meat and Livestock Australia

Natalie Isaac – Meat and Livestock Australia

Kylie Hopkins – Queensland State Government

Carly Johnstone – Queensland State Government


Property Tours Committee:

Samantha Coombes – Coordinator  E:  Samantha@beefaustralia.com.au

Scott McCartney – chair

Maxine Austin

Jeff Krause

Claire MacTaggart

Don Menzies

Ken Murphy

Paul Williams


Principal Partners Representatives:

Fiona O’Sullivan – Queensland State Government

Next Generation Committee:

Sarah Mitchell-Anyon – Coordinator E:  sarah@beefaustralia.com.au  M:  0419666681

Elisha Parker – Chair

Bryce Camm

Stephanie Coombes

Tamara Finger

Joshua Heck

Cameron Hewitt

Amanda Moohen

Principal Partners Representatives:

Julie McKerrow – Queensland State Government

Sarah Castellanos – Meat and Livestock Australia


Community Engagement Committee:

Sarah Mitchell-Anyon – Coordinator  E:  sarah@beefaustralia.com.au  M:  0419666681

Denis Cox – Chair

Chrissy Arthur

Mary Carroll

Vanessa Jarrett

Peter Fraser

Lena Mannerstrale

Ken Murphy

Principal Partners Representatives:

Katie Erbacher – Queensland State Government

Aimee Bartlett – Rockhampton Regional Council

Product Promotion Committee:

Kelly-Rae Smith – Coordinator  E:  Kelly-rae@beefaustralia.com.au  M:  0431192464

Allison Mckay – Chair

Blair Angus

Shane Bailey

Susan Howe

Susan McDonald

Principal Partners Representatives:

Jacob Baldock – Meat and Livestock Australia

Susan Howe – Meat and Livestock Australia